I have recently graduated with a First Class BA Hons degree from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Farnham, studying Design, specialising in print. Whilst having a passion for colour, pattern and process, I use a mixture of hand drawn techniques and Adobe Photoshop to develop designs to be transferred onto my hand dyed fabrics using a silk screen printing process. 

Specialising in printed textiles has given me the opportunity to experiment with a huge range of processes. I am passionate about screen printing and think that it is important to keep this traditional skill in the modern world. I enjoy its risk and unknown, allowing a design to bring variance and diversification to the material below, creating something original, where no two prints will be exactly the same.

My main inspiration comes from my love for the timeless geometric style paired with bold colours. I enjoy visiting places with vibrant inspiration to spark new ideas to create original textile pieces. In particular, the patterns, colours and textures seen within interesting architecture are at the forefront of my inspiration. I find it important to understand the environments I take inspiration from, through taking photographs, from which I later on take aspects to collage together in an abstract way to progress my designs. 

I can confidently develop designs and make fabrics for a variety of applications, seen across my range of project visualisations. My skills can be transferred into interiors and homeware products, wallpapers, fashion, accessories and the paper industries. 

I thoroughly enjoy my practice and I am keen to bring my thoughts to industry whilst learning about new ideas and skills to broaden my textile knowledge. I am currently in search of post graduate opportunities within Textile Design.

For any further enquiries or questions please feel free to contact me via email or on my social media platforms. 

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